Our Double Rainbow Arrived!

Written by JENNIFER K. FARNHAM. Posted in Birth Stories

There are moments in life when a sense of clarity just emerges. When spontaneously and instantaneously, all the elements of the normal daily process and perspective peel away and all that is left is the immanent feeling of pure perfection.

On Sunday, April 2nd at exactly 12:00 noon, the newest member to our clan decided to join us, and in his own unique way. After a long, 14 hours of active labor with very slow progression, he was born in his home, delivered into his daddy's hands, in an incredible water birth. While he was my longest (twice over) and most physically challenging labor, his calm and peaceful demeanor so beautifully contrasted his intense entrance. 

His calm intensity and strong peacefulness shows us already that we chose wisely with his namesake, Alan Watts.

My wonderful mother was there and captured the first moments after his birth... only after I let go of her hands when Ben jumped in the birth pool to deliver him. I had the most loving support system surrounding me, including our 2 year old, Scarlett.  

You can see the beautiful birth video (non-graphic) that my husband filmed in between taking impeccable care of me as my birth support and as my rock. Such a special gift that I will forever cherish.

Niko Watts, 7 lbs. 6.5 oz., 20.75 in.

Words cannot express the gratitude and thankfulness that I feel. I am honored to be the wife of my amazing, loving husband and soul mate... who I'd choose in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality.  And I am also honored to be the mother of 5 incredible children whom I adore. Both privileges that I will cherish and spend my entire life upholding with every once of my being. 

After the losses, sadness, and challenging times that we experienced last year while waiting for this little man to find us, our double rainbow is such a bright and radiant light in our lives. And now, 4 days after his birth, as we settle into our new version of reality which now includes him, his 3 big brothers and big sister so lovingly welcome him with open hearts. Niko sweetly and quietly joined our clan and meshed so perfectly from the start. Again, what an honor to be part of this collective of incredible people who I get to love forever.

My heart is supersaturated with love.

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