Abigail Gwen’s Birth Story

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Abigail Gwen

40 weeks and 4 days pregnant and DONE with pregnancy. Both of my pregnancies were nothing to brag about. Heartburn, nausea, bad breakouts, aches and pains….nope not a fan of pregnancy. So I’m sure you can imagine how happy I was when I went into labor late on February 7th.

With our first, we had a lot of false labor, so I was prepared for that this time. And I was told by my midwife that labor would probably be shorter the second time around. However, what I wasn’t prepared for was how much shorter the labor would be.

It was a pretty normal day, I’d been having irregular contractions for the past week and I didn’t really expect them to lead to anything that day. However, Abigail had her own plans. My husband and I were settling down to watch the opening ceremonies for the winter Olympics and at about 5pm I started having rhythmic contractions coming every 8-10 minutes. They weren’t very strong, more uncomfortable than anything. We decided to hold off on calling Dottie till contractions got a little closer together or intensified. At 8pm, I was putting my son down for the night and while I was reading him his bedtime story, the contractions started to hit hard. I came downstairs and told Taylor what was going on. At that time we sent a text to Dottie to let her know what was going on. She told us to let her know when the contractions got 45-50 seconds to peak. So now the real timing began.

Taylor had the contraction timer and wrote everything down while I paced the living room. We decided that we should lay a shower curtain down underneath me just in case my water broke. At about 8:45pm the contractions were pretty painful and I had to ask my husband to turn off the tv, as it was very distracting. So he turned off the lights, lit some candles, turned on my birth playlist and kept timing. My sister wanted to be present for the birth, so just after 9pm I called her and told her to head down. She lives in Longmont, so it would be a good 2 hours till she arrived. However, at this time my contractions were only averaging about 38-40 seconds to peak.

At 10:49pm the fun started. I was standing in the living room and started having a very strong contraction when I felt the need to push. So I bared down and went for it. At that moment my water broke and it shot out of me with enough force to scare my husband. His job of timing contractions was officially over. He grabbed the phone and called Dottie. She told him to get the pool filled up and that she was on her way. Taylor ran upstairs, got the hose hooked up and started filling the birth pool. I was downstairs calling my sister to let her know and told her to hurry. I had a couple more contractions when I decided to go see if Taylor needed my help. So I went upstairs to our bedroom, grabbed a few bed pads and laid them down on the floor underneath me by the bed. Taylor was busy with the pool when all of a sudden…my eyes widened and I realized I had to push. I looked at Taylor and said, “she’s coming hun.” He said, “yes hun she’s coming, she’s on her way down powers right now.” “No No! The baby is coming now!” So he grabbed the phone and called Dottie. I dropped to my knees and started pushing. The head came out in 2 pushes. I could only hear Taylors’ side of the conversation, but I because of what he was saying I knew what Dottie was asking. She wanted to know if the head was out. Taylor couldn’t see because of the position I was in, so I stood up and faced him and told him that the head was indeed out. She then asked which way the baby was facing. Taylor couldn’t tell, so I reached down and felt the tiny head. I only felt smooth hair, so I knew that the baby was in the correct position. Then Dottie asked what position I was in, Taylor told her I was standing in front of him. I could hear her on the phone saying, “don’t let the baby hit the floor, don’t let baby hit the floor.” So Taylor threw the phone on the bed, dropped to his knees and assumed the catchers position. A contraction came and I started pushing, once I felt the shoulders clear, I reached down. Taylor grabbed the head and shoulders and I grabbed the butt and legs. We were in such awe that this just happened that we just stood there frozen thinking, “now what?!” It wasn’t more than 40 seconds and Dottie came running in the room, grabbed a towel and relieved Taylor and I of our birthing duties. She turned her over, checked breathing and once she knew all was well, she handed her back to me. The assistants arrived within 10 mins and my sister was there within 30 mins.

It was an amazing birth and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. This was my 2nd successful homebirth and that thrills me! It was a crazy night, but my husband was my rock. He was calm and collected, however, he admitted later that, “honestly I had no time to panic, it just all happened so fast.”

We now have a beautiful baby girl, who came into the world at 11:15pm, weighing 9lbs 14oz and was 21.5 inches long. So ladies, don’t let anyone tell you that your baby is too big. Your body is made to give birth no matter how big the baby is and no matter who is present. Trust your body and your abilities as a woman.

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