Talon’s birth story

Written by his mother, Diamond. Posted in Birth Stories

talon story 3It all started at 3:00 am on 27 March 2013. There was a full moon out. I had gotten up to use the bathroom and noticed a little trickle of fluid when I sat down, so I had figured that my water had broken. Then when I wiped I noticed there was a little bit of pink. I went back to bed and told my husband, Matthew, not to leave for work since he was due to leave at 4:00 am. I still hadn’t noticed any contractions so I tried going back to sleep thinking maybe I wasn’t in labor. Not long after I tried lying back down and going back to sleep, I started having contractions at 3:45 am. They were uncomfortable enough that I couldn’t really sleep. I figured I would call my midwife, Dotti, in a few hours. I got up again to use the bathroom and noticed more fluid leaking (later we learned it was maybe a small tear since my membranes were intact) and bloody show. I decided to call Dotti around 5:30 am and she told me it sounded like I was in early labor and to get some rest and keep her updated. Not long after calling Dotti I decided to text my doula, Kimberlee, to let her know what was going on. Resting at this point was out of the question; I was just too darn uncomfortable, and the contractions were anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes apart.

After my 2-year-old son, Trenton, woke up we figured we would eat some breakfast, sit around and then get out of the house for a little bit. Around 11:30 am we decided to go to Garden of the Gods and walk around to see if anything would progress. As we walked around for a bit, my contractions continued, but didn’t really get any closer together; they were hurting a lot more though. We walked around for about an hour and let Trenton run around and play. Since there was no change. I decided to just let Dotti and Kimberlee know what was going on, figuring that things would probably come to a halt. We then went for lunch and I enjoyed a huge brownie sundae afterwards! We headed back home and put Trenton down for his nap and told him that the baby might be coming today. I tried to take a nap as well, but the contractions just got closer together, now 10 minutes apart, and stronger so lying down was just impossible.

Trenton had woken up from his nap around 4:00 pm, and I decided to not try and lie down anymore but to take advantage of the last moments of him being the only child. I told Trenton then that the baby was coming today and he just kept saying, “I ready for baby!” At this point I obviously knew for sure that I would be having this baby sometime soon and decided to go ahead and call my family and let them know that there would be a baby tonight/early morning. I checked back with Kimberlee and she said that she would be coming by for a visit in a little while before she went to her yoga class to see how I was progressing. My photographer, Amy, was then called to let her know that this is the real deal, and that I would be calling her soon after Kimberlee thought she should come (I told Amy it could be all night so not to be in a hurry). Matthew, Trenton and I then gathered in the bathroom to take one last picture of us as a family of 3.

talon story 1Kimberlee came by around 5:30 pm and my contractions were averaging around 5-10 minutes apart, but weren’t lasting too long so she decided to go ahead and go teach her yoga class and come back. Kimberlee got back around 7:15 pm and timed my contractions for a bit and they were about the same, so she decided to go ahead and do a foot massage to relax me a bit and maybe stimulate the contractions. Not long after the foot massage my contractions definitely started to pick up and were lasting close to a minute. We then just sat on the couch for a bit and Kimberlee texted Dotti to let her know what was going on and for her to go ahead and try to get some rest because it was going to be a while; this was around 9:00 pm. I also went ahead and called Amy to let her know to come over pretty soon to start snapping pictures. There was a lot of walking around in the apartment and leaning over the couch and ball while Kimberlee applied counter pressure to my back. I wasn’t having back labor, but there was a lot of pressure down low, something I had been feeling for the past week, and it was getting extremely uncomfortable. I gave Trenton a big hug and kiss and told him that when he wakes up the baby will be here and he’s going to be a big brother as Matthew went to put him in bed. This was a very emotional moment for me even though I didn’t show it. Knowing that my little boy will no longer be my only child was hard for me to accept, but I was really happy to be bringing another baby into this world. Amy got to the apartment around 10/10:30 pm and started getting pictures so we could remember these moments. I was still walking around and leaning over the couch and ball at this point, and the contractions were getting really painful, closer together and longer. We decided to start some music to kind of calm the mood. I started feeling really nauseous as well, so Kimberlee applied some ginger oil on my temples to ease that and I kept a trashcan really close.

Matthew started to fill up the pool so I could get in to relieve some of the pain. Kimberlee and Matthew starting getting things set up for the birth, so there was less to do when Dotti got there. It was about 11:30 pm when the pressure I was feeling down in my butt was just super unbearable, and my contractions were very regular and very painful. I was more than likely in active labor at this point. Kimberlee then thought it was best to call Dotti and have her on her way since I was feeling that kind of pressure and my contractions were so consistent. I was very happy to know that she was on her way because I was scared she wouldn’t be there. I finally got in the pool and it was AMAZING!! The warm water took away so much of the pain it was unreal and it had such a calming effect on me. I tried to relax as much as possible so my cervix would dilate more. I could just remember all the different sounds I was hearing, as I was relaxing through my contractions in the pool. I could hear Amy snapping pictures, water boiling in the kitchen and music in the background. I started to feel a little nervous and excited at the same time because I knew that it was getting close and that Dotti was on her way. I would soon be meeting my baby boy/girl.

Dotti got to my apartment around 12:00 am on 28 March 2013. I was so relieved to see her! I remember her saying to me, “It’s your time!” She started getting everything ready while Kimberlee was steady by my side and Matthew was boiling water to keep me happy in the pool (I kept getting cold). At 12:30 am Dotti had me get out of the pool to go pee and then lay on the bed so she could check my cervix; I was around 6-7 cm dilated. I could hear my baby crying in the next room, he had woken up, so his daddy quickly got him back to sleep while I was helped back into the pool. Matthew wasn’t able to be right next to me very much at this point because he was busy boiling water in the kitchen and I remember asking why he wasn’t there quite a few times, but I had Kimberlee, Dotti and Stephanie there for support. I had so much support.

I was saying a lot still at this moment even though I was in a TON of pain. Dotti noted me saying things like, “Don’t move baby-stop hurting me, I feel like I’m going to throw up, and there’s so much pressure!” I got back out the pool again to go pee around 1:30 am and then got back in. I couldn’t make it from the pool to the bathroom without having a contraction; they were back-to-back and VERY STRONG and PAINFUL. At this point the pool wasn’t helping with the pain anymore and the counter pressure on my back felt useless, but they kept on trying to help me out the best they could. Dotti noted me saying things like, “It won’t stop hurting!” and “How much longer?” Matthew finally came over and sat in front of me and stayed there holding my hands. He tried to get up and boil more water and I told him no because I did not want him leaving me. Things were getting really hard, and the pain was unbearable. I felt like I needed to push because there was so much pressure, so around 2:50 am I finally gave a few little pushes.talon story 2

Dotti could feel that I had a bulging bag and right behind it was baby’s head. Next thing I know I was pushing with everything I had in me and I felt the ‘ring of fire’. I could hear Dotti say, “The head is halfway out!” I pushed more and I heard her say, “Baby’s head is out, baby’s out!” Then, “Diamond turn around and grab your baby!” My baby was here, born at 3:08 am!!

I couldn’t wait to see what it was! I pulled the baby up and looked between two little legs and saw a penis! We decided to name him Talon Josiah Dunn. It was all so unreal: my baby was here and I had the homebirth that I had dreamed of.

Just 2 minutes after Talon was born, the placenta was delivered (super fast). We sat in the pool for a bit and Kimberlee made sure I got some water.

Not long after I handed Talon over to his daddy and I was helped out of the pool. I then got on the bed and just held and adored my new little baby and nursed him all while my birth team started cleaning up. About 45 minutes after the birth Matthew cut Talon’s cord and they got me up to shower. Dotti and Stephanie then checked all of Talon’s vitals and got him measured and weighed. He was a perfect 6 lbs., 11 oz and 20 in long.

It was 3 hours before my birth team and photographer left. They were so supportive and made sure I had an amazing, safe birth. I was so happy for it all to be over and to be looking at my sweet baby boy.

talon story 4
Stephanie, Dotti, Kimberlee, Diamond, Talon & Matthew

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