Zeal’s Birth Story

Written by her mother, Heather. Posted in Birth Stories

Berry family

Our homebirth experience with Zeal went very well. Our midwife was WONDERFUL! Alex and I were both very impressed. She and her two assistants were encouraging, involved, and helpful the entire time (AND she brought us pumpkin bread at the 24 hour postpartum home visit! ). She documented that I was in latent labor for several days, in active labor for 4 ½ hours, and pushed for 17 minutes. We once again used a labor pool, and as soon as I got in it this time my contractions (which became intense pretty quickly) were SO much more manageable. While I didn't really want to have anything, Alex and our midwife continued to have me drink coconut water (which my amazing husband opened and poured out of actual young coconuts throughout the labor) and Boost: the young coconut water to keep me from becoming dehydrated, and the Boost for protein since I am hypoglycemic. I felt much stronger this time after the delivery, which made for a very special time getting to hold Zeal and enjoy her. (After Faith was born I pretty much just collapsed, and marveled at how heavy she felt, all 6lbs. 2oz.!) Zeal was 7lbs 13 oz. and 20 7/8 inches long. Since Zeal was born a week past her due date, and we had planned for help to come then as well, she was perfectly on time!

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