Letter of Recommendation from a happy client

Written by Corinne. Posted in Birth Stories

To any potential client of Dotti Kirkpatrick:

story6I met Dotti in my third trimester as we were moving from California to Colorado Springs. Immediately, I felt at ease and knew I was talking to a woman who cared about me. She lacked what my husband calls the 'unnecessary ego' that some other midwives have and I noticed she was totally focused on my health and pregnancy. It is hard to describe how I knew she was so kind and caring, but people can just feel this about her. Dotti so obviously cares about her clients and their birthing experience!

Having had other midwives, I can attest that Dotti is a combination of everything a midwife should be. Dotti is nurturing, warm, honest, supportive and has exceptional medical expertise. In California, I began my pregnancy with a midwife that was so clinical and cold, it felt like she was basically a doctor who would simply deliver in our house. The next midwife I had was of a completely other extreme. She had what she referred to as 'discomfort with the sight of blood' and expected us to provide her with 'scented candles for the birth'. I felt a total lack of confidence in her medical capacities and found her unprofessional. As you can imagine, finding Dotti with her impeccable integrity was relieving, especially so late in my pregnancy. She knows the relevance of conventional medicine and its purpose so as to offer sound advice to pregnant women. And, she has a vast array of alternative choices in both homeopathy and natural methods. Dotti has been the only person I ever trusted for my prenatal care, as she was a true partner who offered well-researched information and respected our choices. I wish I had known her when I was pregnant with my first child who was born in a hospital.

During our prenatal appointments, Dotti wanted to know about the whole picture. I felt comfortable in everything she did - and felt supported for how I was doing things. In fact, a few weeks before our due date, Dotti had a conversation with us making certain she understood what we were looking for during the birth. She gave us honest feedback about what she felt would be best and listened intently to what we wanted. It means so much to Dotti that women are heard and respected. My husband said that Dotti was the only person who ever genuinely included him in the prenatal discussions, respected his curiosity and asked what he wanted from the birthing experience. My 4-year-old son also adores Dotti. As I was laboring, I overheard Dotti talking to my son about what was happening as she sterilized her equipment. This was one of the most endearing things anyone has ever done for me. Along with providing outstanding prenatal care and monitoring the safety of the birthing process, Dotti also found a way to make my whole family comfortable. She is a midwife who lovingly mothers her clients!

My labor was only 3 hours long and, on Easter morning, I delivered an 11 lb 2.5 oz baby boy. I know without a doubt that my comfort and trust in Dotti made my delivery easy. She called it a 'wilderness birth'. But, I know based on the difficulty of my 52-hour labor in a hospital birthing my first son who was only 8 lbs, that without Dotti's help and expertise I would have had a Cesarean delivering an over 11 lb baby! To feel calm enough, protected enough, safe enough to deliver such a big baby so quickly and easily is all because of Dotti. She is an angel hiding in a midwife's body allowing women to feel powerful and beautiful in giving birth. I will always remember what Dotti has given me!

Please feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to hear more about how thankful I am to have had Dotti's help delivering my baby.

Regards, Corinne W.

P.S. I loved using Dotti's birthing tub as it just pulled the labor pains right out of my body and suggest it for anyone to try to use during their birth!

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