Anna-Jane's Birth

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anna-janes birth-2

Birthdate: November 14 at 7:59 a.m.
Weight: 7lbs. 9.5 oz.
Length: 19 7/8 inches

After bawling my eyes out the night prior because I was still pregnant and feeling like I would be the last one on earth to give birth, I woke up in the middle of the night (2:30 a.m.) with a pretty strong contraction. I let Kyle sleep so he would have the energy for me later and went to wake my mom. I didn't want to wake him if it was a false alarm in case he had to work that day.

So mom and I started timing the contractions and they quickly (within an hour) went to 6 min. apart coming pretty strong and with "after shock" contractions (my term) that would last only a few seconds. I had started there in bed but as they started coming closer, I had grabbed the birth ball  and was rocking through the contractions on it while my head and my arms were resting on the bed. We called Dotti at about 4:30 a.m. and she wanted them to last longer to the peak (at least 1 min.) so she suggested I hop in the shower to space them out a little, but that only brought them on closer and stronger and I didn't want to stand up through them.anna-janes birth-1

{mosimage}After the shower, I made it to the couch and had 2 really strong ones and felt a few sensations I knew were signals of transition. I ran into the bedroom and threw up (a major transition sign) with the urge to push a little. I yelled, "Get Dotti here NOW!! I'm in transition and I feel like pushing."

This happened around 5:30. I told Kyle to fill the tub and got in. Dotti arrived at 6 and examined me. I was 10 cm! I labored a little while longer until I really felt the urge to push. I had been laboring by reclining in the tub and resting my arms on Kyle's legs, but they suggested I change positions.  While on my hands and knees, I had some really intense contractions and I think that helped me into a stronger pushing stage. My water broke about 6:15 and then the real work began. I pushed until she came out at 7:59.

It felt to me like time flew- I had no concept of the hours unless someone told me. I also was making sounds that I couldn't imagine were coming out of my own throat. The initial contractions had me making moaning sounds while the pushing was very gutteral and like a frustrated stallion near a mare in heat (low bellows and primal grunting). I asked Kyle if he still wanted to catch her...he did. I maneuvered so he could catch her and with a "Ready?" and one final push, she shot out and into the water faster than dad could catch her. Kyle and Dotti pulled her up onto my chest and the world stopped. I couldn't believe she was in my arms. The birth was over and her life was beginning.

{mosimage}It was beautiful. Everything I needed was there before I asked. I had a well-oiled birth team that had barely ever been in the same room together. I can't tell you how important your choices of people there for your birth are.  Kyle was amazing through the whole labor and really seemed to know what I needed. He supported me physically and emotionally. I am so in awe of him as a dad and thankful to the Lord for his provision for us. We are truly blessed. 

anna-janes birth-3Dotti was so patient and let me labor according to what my body told me to do. She supported me when I needed it and eased any shred of fear that was left.  I was so blessed and you can be too. This birth experience was exhilirating, fulfilling, and one of the top moments of my entire life. I think my daughter is healthier for the choices I made and happier also!  Anna-Jane is the light of our eyes and a blessing from our Father. Praise God for His precious gift! 

I also must thank Dr. John Davis at Atlas Chiropractic who I credit with the 5 and half hour labor.  He adjusted my body weekly and is the reason I believe my labor was as easy and as fast as it was.  My mom had a very long labor with me and a forceps delivery. I believe that any birth team should include a chiropractor.  Babies move down a straight slide faster than a curvy one!

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