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Dotti 2013I am Dotti Kirkpatrick, a Registered Midwife in Colorado Springs, and I own Birth Matters!

I started my training in 1994 with one of the busiest registered midwives in the state, Jeanie Rosburg. In 1998, I began taking my own clients under supervision. I am CPR and NRP (neonatal resuscitation) certified.

I've been a Registered Midwife in Colorado since 2001, and in August of 2003, I received my certification from the North American Registry of Midwives and am now a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM).

To verify my registration status, visit the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Midwives Registration (listed as Dorothy Kirkpatrick).

I chose Birth Matters! as my business name because, not only do I handle all matters related to birth, but I hope to inform women in our culture that where, when, how, and with whom we bring our children into this world truly does matter! Our culture has conditioned many women to accept the medical model of birth without question. And yet, time after time, unnecessary medical interventions have led to complications that leave mothers and babies not only physically damaged, but psychologically harmed.

For thousands of years, women have delivered their babies, at home, in their own beds, supported by their friends and family, calling on the strength of the collective wisdom and experience of those who know birth. Women in childbirth have been encircled by and honored by their birth attendants; guided by women who have transmitted the knowledge of birth from generation to generation.


Dotti with her granddaughter, Megan. To read the compelling story of Megan’s water birth, click here!

In this atmosphere, birth is a unique opportunity for a woman to renew and revitalize her strength and confidence in herself and her body. Given the chance and the support, most women can have a natural, fulfilling birth experience in the safety and sanctity of their own home. I attend birthing women in this traditional way. My purpose as a midwife is to use my education and experience to facilitate a safe and rewarding birth experience for each couple I have the privilege of serving.

I do prenatal visits at my office at Birth Matters! Midwifery, 1526 West Colorado Avenue, 80904 (click here for map ). The only exceptions are when we do a home visit at 37 weeks and the two postpartum visits at your home. Of course, the birth occurs in your home. If you desire a water birth, I will be glad to arrange delivery and set up of one of my labor pools.

Because there is much to do to ensure the safety of mother and baby, I always bring a qualified Midwifery Assistant to each birth. We work as a team to provide lots of individual attention to your particular needs, treating you with respect and tenderness. We want your birth experience to be the best it can be, because birth matters!

Dotti Kirkpatrick

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