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Dotti 2013Welcome to Birth Matters! Midwifery Services

You’re thinking about welcoming a baby into your family and you realize, unlike many of your peers, that the decisions you make about the way your baby is born can affect its entire life and YOURS.

The good news is you do have choices, many of them, and the way to make the best choices for you and your baby is to become informed.

So welcome to Birth Matters! Midwifery where I will share with you the information I wish I had known more than 40 years ago when I gave birth to my first child.

Serving Colorado Springs and surrounding areas:

~ Dotti Kirkpatrick
Registered Midwife
Certified Professional Midwife

• Individual Attention
• Birth at Home
Water Birth
• Lactation Support
Free Initial Consultation 



purple-arrow"Why Not Home?" - A Documentary Film
  • Doctors, nurses and midwives who attend birth in the hospital and chose home birth explore risk, safety and birth experience in the US.
purple-arrowLandmark Study Reports Home Births Are Safe